Strawberry Field, Liverpool - Bringing a Legend to Life

Artist impression of a section of John Lennon's face, made up of images of people's photographs
5th February, 2019

JOHN Lennon fans can today claim their place in the face of the legend as plans were announced to create a giant photomosaic of the world famous Beatle’s face as part of a new visitor exhibition opening in summer 2019.

Strawberry Field, the iconic site immortalised in the Beatles hit, Strawberry Fields Forever, is owned by The Salvation Army who are developing the site which will open in summer 2019. 

Just as the place is in his song, now fans have their opportunity to be immortalised in the face of John Lennon but with spaces limited to 4,752 images, fans will have to be quick to secure their place to become part of this unique opportunity.

Fans can purchase their photomosaic space by buying exclusively from the dedicated website, . Photos in the mosaic wall are priced at £ 40 each; all proceeds will help towards the fundraising efforts of the project and ensure the future of the site.

The Salvation Army’s inspiring new vision for the Strawberry Field site, weaving together educational, cultural, heritage and spiritual exploration in one bold, imaginative plan has been supported by The Beatles Industry Group, fans, local businesses, civic leaders and members of the public alike.

The revival of the site, treasured by John Lennon will include a training and work placements hub for young people with learning disabilities; a new, authentic exhibition on the place, the song and John Lennon’s early life around Strawberry Field; and the development of  a haven for spiritual exploration and reflection.

John Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, Honorary President of The Strawberry Field Project, said,

“I think John would love this idea, the plan that he will be honoured in such a creative way by his most loyal fans is terrific. Fans will love this, it has never been done before, and I know this will be a special tribute to John. The new exhibition is being tackled in such a sensitive way that by summer 2019 it will be a must see visitors destination in Liverpool. If John was here I think he would fully support the project, I’ve met with the trainees, the first cohorts are doing really well and I know they will be able to achieve so much for themselves, the City and this great project.”

Major Kathy Versfeld, The Salvation Army’s Strawberry Field Mission Director said,

“Fans across the globe know how special Strawberry Field was to John, we know that fans love to visit the site and take pictures, so we wanted to invite fans to be part of this iconic site,, the creation of a giant photomosaic where John and fans will be immortalised together for the first time will help us raise vital funds to ensure our new vision for Strawberry Field becomes a reality. We want to encourage as many people as possible from across the world to get involved and help us open the gates of Strawberry Field for good, this is a special place that will inspire many people for generations to come.”

Opportunities to find out more about the project and how it can be supported, whether through donations, volunteering or by visiting the Strawberry Field online shop for unique, exclusive gifts and memorabilia, can also be found throughout our website.


“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group