Strawberry Field says thank you to NHS and keyworkers as they dedicate a stone on Strawberry Lane to frontline workers

17th September, 2020

As we all continue to battle this pandemic, there have been many ways in which we, as a country, have shown our appreciation to those working on the frontline. The team at Strawberry Field have chosen to show their gratitude to the NHS and keyworkers by dedicating a corner stone on Strawberry Lane, the path that runs from the iconic red gates of Strawberry Field to the front entrance of the new centre.

A special, socially distanced ceremony was held at Strawberry Field, with a small number of invited guests present to witness the unveiling of the stone. Major Kathy Versfeld led the unveiling of the stone and said this:

“As we close the door on our first year, we couldn’t think of a better way of doing so than this – pausing to recognise and celebrate those such as yourself within our Strawberry Field ‘family’ and community who inspired us with your courage and commitment throughout lockdown, putting yourself on the line to protect and support the vulnerable amongst us. Thank you!

Lest we or our community forget the huge debt of gratitude we owe to you and the many other keyworkers across the country, we have commissioned a commemorative stone and placed it on Strawberry Lane as an ongoing reminder. Every time you visit us and read these words I hope that you will remember that you were on our hearts and in our thoughts as we wrote this:

Thank you, NHS & Keyworkers. Forever grateful for your service & sacrifice. Strawberry Field, 2020”

Stones on Strawberry Lane are available to purchase online for a minimum donation of £95. All funds raised from the sale of stones go towards funding the Steps to Work programme at Strawberry Field and help to keep the visitor centre open, for the good of the local community and the visitors that come from all over the world to experience this very special place. Visit the online shop to purchase your stone

To ensure safety during this time of Covid-19, visits to Strawberry Field must be booked in advance on


"It’s a wonderful idea that The Salvation Army is going to cultivate youngsters in the precious soil of Strawberry Field."

Julia Baird, Honorary President