Reuben joined Steps to Work in 2019 after hearing about the programme from his dad. He had reached a point of uncertainty around his next steps after college and wasn’t doing much – he needed a focus and something to get stuck in to and thought STW was a good opportunity.

During his time on STW, Reuben has progressed so much. He is now on his second placement at Strawberry Field after completing his first, working at Anfield Sports Community Centre. At the Community Centre, Reuben became a valued and highly thought of member of the team. He undertook duties such as interviewing companies who were using that centre, helping to design the website and setting up sessions. Everyone loved him and he thrived on getting involved with the staff and being a part of the team. He then moved on to work in the café at Strawberry Field on his second placement.

Talking about the Steps to Work programme, Reuben says: "It is a good idea and gives you good communication skills and helps get you in to work."

When asked about his placement at Strawberry Field, Reuben says: "I look after customers and have learnt lots of new things. I have learnt how to make a Cappuccino and Americano drink for customers. My placement is good, I enjoy meeting the customers and learning how to use the coffee machine. It will help me get a job as it will give me good customer service skills for working with different people."

“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group