Spiritual exploration

Strawberry Field is a place of community where all are welcome through the red gates. Whether you live down the road, like John Lennon once did, or you are from the other side of the world, by opening the gates we invite you into a space of hope, wonder and new connections. 

Strawberry Field first planted its roots as a Salvation Army home for vulnerable young children from the Liverpool area. Today, we continue to grow and nurture that legacy into new branches of opportunity, community and spirituality whether this comes via the training hub for young people with learning disabilities, the visitor centre or as a haven of spiritual exploration. Strawberry Field will become a hive of new ways to explore and engage.

The Salvation Army, as a Christian church, puts faith into action. We want to make a difference and help people’s lives to change for the better, believing that even the smallest acts can have the biggest impact. At Strawberry Field you can walk through the gardens finding solace and contemplation, partake in a taster session of stillness, or take inspiration from the ground’s history and find a creative way to express your own story. Here at Strawberry Field we are opening our arms for you to have a space to grow, develop and transform.

We would love you to pray with us, help us to build a community, or even volunteer your time and skills. If you would like to know more or get involved in some way, please do get in touch.

“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group