Charity of the year

Make us your ‘Charity of the Year’ and help to keep the ‘Gates Open for Good’:

Can your business or the organisation you work for make Strawberry Field your ‘Charity of the Year’? Simply choose to support us for 12 months and raise money throughout the year on our behalf.

  • Firstly, ask your manager if you’re not sure whether your workplace elects a Charity of the Year - you may have a community team within the organisation who look after this.
  • Once you have found out whether this is something your company participates in and encourages, please tell them all about us, we would be happy to come and speak to your team.
  • If we are chosen as your Charity of The Year, all money raised will go towards our Steps at Strawberry Field programmes and helping us to keep our gates open for good.​


What at the benefits:

  • You and your customers will be helping to transform the life of a local person with barriers to employment. Someone just like Mike, who has recently gained paid employment after graduation from the Steps to Work programme and completing 3 successful placements. Read more about some of our trainees here:
  • We can both ‘shout about it’ on our social media
  • You and your staff will be invited to Strawberry Field for an exclusive private tour so you can see what we do for yourselves and help spread the word to your customers.


Ways to get involved:

  • Hold a fundraising event
  • Make a financial donation
  • Donate a gift in kind
  • Participate in some of our community events
  • Promote our on-site initiatives
  • Become a member of Strawberry Field
  • Purchase & gift a Strawberry Field Membership to your staff members
  • Sponsor one of our events


What’s next:

Please contact for more information.

“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group