The gardens are at the heart of the new visitor experience that includes the new exhibition, which weaves together the history of The Salvation Army, Strawberry Field and John Lennon. Exploring the landscaped area is an opportunity to walk in the same steps as John Lennon in his childhood as well as the opportunity to take time for personal reflection, spirituality and retreat from the busyness of life.

The Strawberry Field site was donated to The Salvation Army in 1936, its large Victorian house was a home for the city’s most vulnerable children. The gardens at Strawberry Field were a place of peace and refuge for the children where they could escape and enjoy themselves away from a turbulent world.

It was in these gardens that John Lennon as a child found a quiet spot where he could play with friends, climb trees and reflect. Lennon loved the gardens and Strawberry Field so much he used his memories to create the famous Beatles’ song, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Now, these hallowed gardens are free for all to discover your own spot of tranquillity.

Your visit to the gardens, or a donation, will help us continue that legacy by keeping the gates open and supporting young people with learning difficulties in Liverpool to achieve their goals.

“The plan to open Strawberry Field to the public for the first time - so people can see a unique exhibition about the home, how and why the song was written by John, and allow visitors to explore the grounds as John did as a child - is very exciting.”

Lady Judy Martin OBE