First look images of mosaic on Strawberry Field's new bandstand

The centre of the new mosaic at Strawberry Field which reads "Imagine" in tiles
29th March, 2023

We are delighted to share the first images of the mosaic, inspired by New York's John Lennon memorial, that will feature in our new bandstand.

As a tribute to the late Beatle John Lennon, the circular mosaic is inspired by the ‘Imagine’ mosaic in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields in New York. It measures 6.4 metres in diameter - larger than its American cousin - and covers the entire floor of the Strawberry Field bandstand. It is made up of 390,000 tiles. Influenced by ancient Greco-Roman designs, the ‘Imagine’ mosaic in New York is made out of black and white marble by Italian craftsmen and was donated to the city by the Mayor of Naples, Italy in 1984.

US-based company, Mozaico Art, who specialise in Italian style mosaics, were commissioned by Orange Amplification on behalf of Strawberry Field to create the Liverpool installation. The mosaic was made from selected marble and pieced together by four expert artists, taking over 15 weeks to make with each piece being laid onto the resin backing by hand. Liverpool-based father and son tiling company, Eye of the Tiler Ltd, then pieced together and installed the mosaic on the floor of the bandstand.

Two people in Salvation Army uniforms stand on a mosaic which features the word "Imagine" in tiles at Strawberry Field Liverpool UK

Major Kathleen Versfeld, mission director at Strawberry Field - pictured here with Allister Versfeld, mission development officer - said:

“The bandstand mosaic is a culmination of hard work and dedication by so many creative people from across the globe.

“In response to John’s death in 1980, a 2.5 acre landscape garden in the shape of a teardrop was built in Central Park in New York. The gardens were opened by Yoko Ono in John’s memory and named Strawberry Fields.

“The Strawberry Field bandstand and mosaic have been donated by Strawberry Field Honorary Patron, Cliff Cooper, CEO of Orange Amplification, and will sit in the original Strawberry Field garden in Liverpool as an enduring message of peace and hope, a beautiful new addition to our attraction.”

Mosaic in black and white tiles which says "Imagine"

The new bandstand is based upon the drum featured on The Beatles’ iconic album cover, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but with close associations to The Salvation Army and its famous marching bands. Featuring advanced computer lighting and sound technology, visitors will enjoy musical and theatrical performances from the bandstand via wireless headphones as they roam the famous grounds. The bandstand will also feature artwork by renowned pop artist, James Wilkinson.

The mosaic will be a permanent feature in the new Strawberry Field Bandstand, which will open later this year.

“The plan to open Strawberry Field to the public for the first time - so people can see a unique exhibition about the home, how and why the song was written by John, and allow visitors to explore the grounds as John did as a child - is very exciting.”

Lady Judy Martin OBE