Ukrainian Peace Monument is unveiled at Strawberry Field

A large aluminium statue is unveiled by a group of people in a garden
2nd May, 2023

Today, we unveiled an iconic, world-first monument dedicated to bringing peace and hope to the people of Ukraine and everywhere.

As the world’s focus turns to Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the 16 ft tall Ukrainian Peace Monument will be a temporary feature in the grounds of our popular visitor attraction and a huge draw for the throngs of visitors expected in the city this month. It will then move to Ukraine at a future date as a permanent monument when it is safe to do so.

Cast in aluminium, the statue depicts a man holding aloft a book, dove and the Ukrainian flag, with messages in keeping with John Lennon’s famous anti-war anthem, ‘Give Peace a Chance’ using the power of music to unite countries everywhere. Commissioned by California-based Global Peace Initiative and created by 16-year-old Mexican art prodigy, Osbelit Garcia-Morales, the new monument is a symbol of hope and peace around the world.

Close up of the upper part of a statue which shows a man holding a dove book and Ukrainian flag aloft with trees behind

We were honoured to be joined by Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside, Robert Owen, High Sheriff of Merseyside, Dr Ruth Hussey, The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Roy Gladden, Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, Cliff Cooper and our Honorary President, Julia Baird. It was a pleasure to also welcome members of the Ukrainian community, including chair of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, Petro Rewko, and Liverpool lead, Rev. Dr Taras Khomych, who accepted the monument from the Global Peace Initiative’s Mike Pivoz.

Kathy Versfeld, mission director at Strawberry Field, said:

"The monument is a beautiful new symbol of hope for Ukraine, and it will be a reminder to the rest of the world of the path to peace: serve, share, forgive, dialogue. Strawberry Field is honoured to be the custodians of the monument until it can make its final journey to Ukraine, fulfilling the wishes of the Global Peace Initiative which aims to reduce violence and conflict around the world.

"As Liverpool once again unites the world through music and song, our new monument is a timely reminder to the world - in the words of John - to give peace a chance."

You can find out more about the Ukrainian Peace Monument here.

A crowd of people in the garden at Strawberry Field watch a choir in front of a new monument

“I truly believe this is a wonderful and important project.”

Peter Hooton, Chair of the Beatles Legacy Group